Food Hub

Mexico : USA

When thinking about the problems of contemporary cities, “Food” is one of the crucial ones. Currently many cities rely on their food to be transported from all over the world, but thinking about the global population growth, the development of poorer counties and climate change, we are not sure how long this model could last. The Food Valley is a model for cities to have their food source closer to it, which could make food and agriculture familiar to the people in the cities and have better safety of the food, in terms of the safety in the quality of the food itself and in securing food for the people of the city while always there is a risk when you depend on outside sources. When actually such a land becomes close to the city, the visualization of it becomes the issue. In that case the Food Hub, which is an invented typology of food/agricultural complex, becomes a useful architecture of showing the complexity and diversity behind the whole process of delivering the food to the people of the cities.

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Prof. Mitesh Dixit Visiting Critic James Westcott
Research Coordinator
Hrvoje Šmidihen
Reijiro Sawaki