Between Myth & Utopia

Former Yugoslavia

While visiting five countries, six islands, 15 cities, and 20 seaside resorts, students investigated architecture employed as infrastructure in the former Yugoslavia. Case studies included sea side resorts along the Adriatic Coast, New Belgrade, Serbia, and Tange’s Masterplan in Skopje, Macedonia. Employing forensics, analysis, journalism and physical documentation, students developed a methodology to separate and examine the elements which define the material and immaterial layers of the built environment. The collective work has been organized into a single document, Between Myth & Utopia: Perspective Balkan Atlas.

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Prof. Mitesh Dixit Visiting Critic Tamara Marović
Research Coordinator
Sou Fang
Research Team
Daria Agapitova Lawrence Michael Boyer Lindsey M. Brown Jing Ying Chin Junzhi Deng Ximeng Luo Margaret Mary Frank Ava Isabelle Helm Tota Kismedinova Hunter Eve Marjorie Miserlian Julia Ocejo Vivanco Shihui Zhu