Hanoi 2050

Hanoi, Vietnam

The proposed transport network extends existing infrastructure, connecting the industrial and agricultural productivity zones of the Red River Delta. The creation of satellite towns will increase the need for a multilayered public transit system. To compete with the popularity of the scooter, which lies in its inherent freedom and flexibility, the mobility network proposes a supplementing system of Metro, Light Rail, Inter City and High-Speed trains.

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Prof. Mitesh Dixit Visiting Critic James Westcott
Research Coordinator
Stef Bogaerds
Research Team
Jaewoo Lee Marten Reijnen Joost Noorden Jonian Silaj Donatas Baltrusaitis Emilia Bruck Michael Cerrone Pim Schachtschabel Wouter van Faassen Tomas Kalinauskas Vaidotas Vaiciulis Brendan Bakker Saskia van Eijk Alise Jekabsone