IN Chicago

Chicago, USA

The graduate research studio had one ambition: to be IN a city.  Not as an architect or consumer, but as being who can appreciate the complexity and beauty in the everyday.  Architects want to save, help, liberate, etc. but what are we really doing?  We are imposing our values on a system and environment that has a meaning and complexity independent of us…there are infinite perspectives to every condition, and it is futile to attempt to ‘know’ each one, However, recognizing that your perspective is just one of many, it will allow for one to listen and perhaps learn from. Thus, the ambition of the studio is to resist our insatiable desire to ‘solve’, but simply listen, record and most importantly be IN Chicago.

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Prof. Mitesh Dixit
Research Coordinator
Roland Reemaa
Research Team
Yanthe Boom Wouter Kamphuis Jorik Bais Kelly Kleijweg Roman de Weijer Felix Ahuis Floris van der Burght Maria Rohof Esmeralda Bierma Bob Robertus