Territorial Transgressions

Skopje, N. Macedonia

Designers are increasingly compelled to shape larger scales and contexts, to address questions related to infrastructural problems, urban and ecological systems, and cultural and regional issues. These questions, previously confined to the domains of engineering, ecology, or regional planning, now require articulation through design. Encouraging designers to reexamine their tools and develop strategies to link attributes previously understood to be either separate from each other or external to the design disciplines, those questions have also opened up a range of technical, formal, and social repertoires for architecture and urbanism.


The exhibition consisting of working from three universities, SyracuseUniversity School of Architecture, The Technical University of Vienna, and theUniversity of American College in Skopje, examines this paradigm shift, via three distinct installations, Comparative Urban Atlas Vol 01 (SU), Skopje Redux(TU Vienna); Material Contours (UACS), in order to illustrate the emergence of the geographic and the emerging tools necessary for designers to operate and shape larger scales and contexts, i.e. Territories.

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Prof. Mitesh Dixit
Research Coordinator
Katharina Körber Maksim Naumovski Erick Sanchez Pavel Veljanoski
Research Team
Aleksandar Blazevski Yiwen Dai Svetlana Danilova Srna Davitkovska Sibo Fei Christina Fluman Margaret Frank Juntao Huang Mia Hui Denis Izairi Mihaela Kitanovska Katerina Kolcakovska Edona Osmani Miroslav Pejovski Martina Peneva Valbona Sedaliu Emilija Stojanoska Kire Tashev Ernesto Villalona Haoyang Zhang Tingjie Zhou Martela Zlatku